All our repairs are carried out to the highest standard you would expect from a quality swiss brand like Oris. We carry out all types of repairs from bracelet alterations, battery replacement to full servicing of your timepiece.

Technical Preparation:

Before any (proceeded) maintenance service repair enters the workshop, the watch is de-cased, refurbished, ultrasonically cleaned and resealed (with the exception of the crown, which is fitted at point of service). Refurbishments are finished to the best possible standard we can obtain without making any deformations to the metal so some scratches may still be visible. Certain metals cannot be finished to a particularly high standard (titanium).


PVD and DLC finishes cannot be refurbished at all. We may recommend any components damaged beyond repair are replaced.

All refurbished watches are then stored in priority order ready to enter the workshop for service and testing (movement and water testing).


Our full service is a thorough and time-consuming process that involves completely dismantling the movement and the individual components are ultrasonically cleaned. Any worn components are replaced. The movement is then systematically reassembled using specialised lubricants. 

Following the reassembly, each watch is submitted to a series of tests where it has to conform to stringent precision standards. This is the best way to ensure that your watch will continue to run accurately for years to come.

Partial Repairs:

We offer partial services which don't involve the movement being serviced. These can range from fitting new watch straps & bracelets, bezel repairs and regulations to the full re-sealing of your watch. To find out what we can offer please contact us for further information and we will be more than happy to advise you.


Purchase Guarantee Repairs: 

We also carry out repairs to all our brands which are under purchase guarantee.  Please remember  any third party intervention will invalidate the warranty, therefore it is essential that the watch is repaired by us.

Each guarantee repair is completed free of charge subject to the brand terms & conditions.

Please note the following that are not covered under the warranty:

Normal wear and tear, caused by natural wear and ageing; e.g. scratched crystal, fading of the colour
and / or material for leather, textiles, rubber, etc.
Damage due to non-compliance with the instructions issued by the brand.
Damage due to improper handling, neglect, accident, impact, etc.
The repair warranty will lapse when evidence is found that work has been carried out by any
unauthorised persons.

Although we repair many other brands, we are not authorised to repair these if they are still under purchase warranty and we advise that these are sent back to the authorised service centre for brand analysis.

Battery and Reseal:

We carry out battery replacements on all brands. If your watch is fitted with a battery life indicator, when the battery is running low the second hand will jump every 4 seconds (for around 10 days) however the movement will still keep time until the battery completely stops. Not all quartz watches have a life indicator so as soon as you notice the watch has stopped, to avoid damage to any internal components we recommend getting the battery replaced immediately.

If you have any questions regarding your timepiece and what we can do, please ask us, we'd love to help.